Sweet Indulgence finds its roots in its Founder Heena Sumaria's home kitchen. It all started with only one question - Can't food be both healthy and delicious at the same time? This was answered by countless hours of finding the healthiest ingredients and developing recipes that compliment them in both nutrition and taste. From the basic level of understanding the ingredients to the kind of packaging to use, our products have gone through some numerous rounds of feedback from our valued customers. Today, we proudly present a large variety of cookies, granola bars, and muesli. We, at Sweet indulgence, are constantly striving towards creating more and more healthylicious products that give you the experience of healthy guilt-free munching. 



Here at Sweet Indulgence, we believe that good food creates the foundation for a sound mind, body, and soul. What you eat is most delicious and healthy when it is whole, in its natural state and is locally sourced. All our products are made using only a few recognizable ingredients that are minimally processed. We take a hands-on approach to ensure each and every product we put our name on lives up to our high standards for taste, quality, and nutrition. Hover over the image below to see some of the ingredients we use in our granola bars. 

Pumpkin Seeds
Flax seeds
Chia seeds
Sunflower seeds
Muskmellon seeds